Historical artisanal charcuterie in Cuneo.

It was 1958 when , in the heart of a rich culinary traditions of nobles , Cav . Joseph Marchisio gave birth to her new salami . Since then, the Company keeps alive the philosophy of care typically crafted to provide high quality and tasty products . The careful selection of raw materials by the guaranteed traceability , making accurate processing of the strict observance of hygiene rules , provide the consumer with a healthy, natural and balanced.

The love for the traditions and ' scrupulous observance of the "secret" recipes handed down flavors that are the basis of preparations appreciated as the renowned raw salami in which even today is added to the " mulled wine " , where the special blend red wine bride spices of the best provenances .
The sausage-making takes place in natural casings and almost all the binding is done by hand according to the best practice farming .

Even the packaging is completely manual and each salami is " skinned " , put them in glass jars , covered with oil, all by expert hands that weigh and inspect it to ensure it is optimal . For this reason, our production is limited, subject to compliance with the aging of the product , at the time of care and attention that each piece requires.


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